A Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure! Episode 1 – Squish The Fish

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Fun kids yoga with Jaime from Cosmic Kids. Episode 1: An Ocean Adventure. Meet Squish The Fish and friends. Subscribe here! www.youtube.com Facebook here! www.facebook.com

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Daniel Snider says:

you are a great storyteller! Keep it up!!

Crystal Cole says:

perfect! my 5 y/o and 3y/o just finished this and loved it! thank you!!

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks Liyah. That sounds like a brilliant project to do with the kids – about being balanced. It’s so great for us to hear that the video is helping you with your teaching too. Thanks for letting us know. All the best!

Tracy Queen says:

I LOVE your yoga videos! I teach kindergarten and when it is too cold or rainy we do YOGA! Thank you!

1juliette2romeos says:

This is BRILLIANT!! My kids (5 and 4) actually sit through this whole video! It keeps their attention and they think it is so fun to do all the movement with Jamie. Thank you so much!

Ashley Cadaret says:

Thank you much for this! My son is 2.5 and can just start to follow some of this. Since I love yoga myself, it’s so fun for him to be entertained by it, too!

HiddenPalm says:

This is the best Yoga program for kids online, and I have looked in both english and spanish. I’m using this as a template on how to teach children kung fu. Bless you, youre the best! Namaste.

Jessica Cox says:

Thank you so much for your yoga video! My preschool children who are on the autism spectrum LOVE this!!! Thank you so much!!

fantasyroar1128 says:

wait uhh what happened to the picnic? my daughter was wondering because she told me she never got to eat the foods because you went to all the other stuff

mamajen456 says:

My kids LOVED this! I think we’re going to make this a part of our mornings! :D thank you soo much for posting this!

Tam Blanchette says:

This was great. My kids loved it and paid attention all the way through and are begging for more. :) Looking forwards to having this become part of our regular bedtime routine. 

tallbeauty says:

My daughter will be doing this at night to calm her down a little bit before bed.

Morgan Watkins says:

This is great!!! Thank you so much!!

Michael Schaupp says:

Hi. Could we put your videos on our free videos we send to schools in preparation for our educational theatre shows? Our shows focus on teaching English to children in Spain. Love what u do!

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks so much for the feedback Eva – it really helps us keep improving. It’s something we’re working on, getting the pace right. We’re trying to find the right balance between keeping the kids interested and helping them feel the benefit of the poses.

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks for saying Federico!

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks for saying Ravinder! It’s great to hear that we’re getting the pace it right for your son.

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks Sweeter Than Southern Tea – we’ve posted 5 videos on our channel now. We’re making more – hope your daughter enjoys them!

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks, xXSabzyKababzyXx!

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks Ashley! We love the idea of your kids doing Cosmic Kids when it’s snowy outside. Thanks for the feedback. Jx

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks Liyah for taking the time to tell us what you’re doing – it’s lovely for us to hear that the stories are useful for your work as a counsellor. And thanks for letting us know how you’re using them too – it helps us think about how we can keep improving what we do. Good luck with your classes and have a wonderful day!

Liyah1423 says:

These are great videos. I’m a counselor at an elementary school and this month I’ve been talking to the students about being balanced. After explaining how balanced means taking care of your heart, mind, body and soul, we do this video! I’ve done it with 3-5 year olds and they have loved it! I’m not sure how much of the story the younger ones are getting, but they do a good job following along with the movements. 5 seemed like the perfect age group. I’m sharing this with all the teachers! Thanks

Kristina Kohana says:

Yes , a little bit slower would be benefitial.thank u, great idea!

Sweeter Than Southern Tea says:

My daughter loves your videos. Thank you so much for posting on youtube! We are doing the third video now and she wants more!

Ravinder Nachuri says:

Gosh! That was the first Yoga routine ever my son loved. Thank you ! The pace was just right for him because he just cannot hold a pose , that would be asking too much from my squirmy squishy 5 yr old.

buttah75 says:

My six year old son and I loved this!!! He’s excited to watch the next one.

Mokshada Kulkarni says:

hi ,i realy like your work .. i am a yoga teacher in india my more then 600 studants
 [age2 .5 to 8 years] like u r storytelling with movement. i realy looking forward DVD or set of it so ples. if anything is there ple send it to me . god bless u….

megkas0719 says:

Love, Love, Love your videos. The only excercise program my twin 5 year old daughters look forward to doing everyday! Thank you so much for sharing them!

xXSabzyKababzyXx says:

This was a lovely break from playing on the DS and the Wii, thank goodness for people like you xx

Ashley Spanenberg says:

I love this program! Some of the other yoga for kids are too heavy and my two toddlers easily loose interest. This is great way to get my kids moving on snowy winter days when we cannot go outside and play. I also like that it helps them use their imagination, but most of all have FUN!!!!

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks for the feedback on the pace. We’re pleased with the B+ but we’re definitely working towards an A! :-)

daveinpenn says:

great enthusiasm and word choice. definitely experienced youthworker.

i would also echo the comment below to slow down and allow for more of a conscious experience with the body movements.

B+ slow down and get kids aware of their body movements for the A.

good going

CosmicKidsYoga says:

Thanks for that, patchouligirl! V nice of you to say. And it is quite a work out isn’t it? I really like the description ‘watching cartoons while exercising’ too. I hope your nephew loves it when he’s old enough to have a go. Have a lovely Christmas!

patchouligrl says:

These videos are such a great idea! I don’t have kids, so I did this by myself. I have to say it made me feel like a kid! Definitely a healthy benefit for adults as well. Of course, it’s not intense, but the moment of fun is worth it. When my nephew gets older, I’ll have to recruit him to do this with me. I think any kid would enjoy this. It’s like watching cartoons while exercising. Brilliant!

Monica Ranta says:

i so need a one piece sweat suit! where oh where can i get one!?

november henryjodijaneharley says:

awesome yoga my kids love it

Federico Neira says:

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Just did it with my 3yr old daughter and we loved it. Thanks for that post.

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