Denise Austin Beautiful

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crob647gtx says:

I would have to name her in my top 5 favorite women of all time to jerk off to. Her sex appeal never wanes!

95Tbird37 says:

I work my arms to her at least once a day….She is very tent poping

romanljc says:

Did people really workout to this I mean besides there arms

celestialpassion says:

I like this workout because it is not too hard for a beginner like myself. The “wiggle and swim” dance is cute. It made me laugh.

L. Stuart Smith says:

Best …aerobics instructor ..ever!!!!!

murcer88 says:

no exercise woman–ever–showed her “woman-hood” like Denise–no stockings–and the close-ups of her pubic rea–well it’s like having sex with her–jaw-dropping–

murcer88 says:

some of the close-ups in the last five minutes are mind-blowing

JessicaRabbit1011 says:

Ya’ll R nasty..but thanks to empire for posting these. I like these workouts.

deniseaustinlover says:

blows my mind!

sooo sexxxy!!!

telfersmith says:

sleek sexy shiny superb!

23L says:

Thanks!!  :)

abrahamx says:


BluTrilobite says:

Sexy MILF with great legs rockin’ a nice, silky spandex two-piece….wonderful!

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