ENERGIZING YOGA, With Esther Ekhart and Olga

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www.EkhartYoga.com http In this video “energizing yoga, with Esther Ekhart and Olga” Esther shows an energizing sequence , easy to join in where ever you are! Please subscribe to my channel here: bit.ly Go to my channels: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Follow me on Facebook : www.facebook.com Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Follow me on Pinterest: pinterest.com Look me up on Google+ : www.gplus.to

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crmr1034 says:

My pup does the same thing. He always goes to sit on my mat as though he would join in, but nah! haha

morganlovesvictoria says:

this is cool but you guys should check out Peggy Hall! :) shes great!

James Reyes says:

Cool video, i wish i was there with Esther and her friend doing yoga.

MissAyela says:

Thanks Ester, as always a great video. Was a tiny bit fast but I got there in the end :)

dynastychick3 says:

Lol. I can relate to that ;-)

isshehii says:

thank you..so beautiful*…i was pms’ing today and this really helped smooth out my body, sweet and quick! just what i needed.

JuggieC says:

LOL, my cat does the same thing. He likes to camp out under me when I’m in downward facing dog. :D Funny how pets get jealous, eh??

Deirdre Hogan says:

thank you really enjoyed it!

kekhart says:

Nice work-out with two beautiful ladys showing me how to do it…

Palescue says:

Lovely video, nice room too – but you know, it’s tricky to keep watching the screen while my dog doesn’t play the down dog as i ‘d like to (jumping around, licking my face).

ArtistIreland says:

Thank you.

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