How to do the Splits with Dashama

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Try this and let me know how it goes! Leave a comment and be sure to watch it in HD. Try the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with me: Connect with me http

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BlkKnt69 says:

I will keep all of my perverted comments to myself and have a blessed day.

Vanessa Cuellar says:

Nice job :D but i still cant do it :’( you are so lucky

gerry2345 says:

This was a good stretch…

evavocado says:

fun with rolling chairs!!!

dashama says:

I practice and teach Pranashama Yoga which combines vinyasa/ashtanga yoga with qi gong, functional fitness, core training, self massage and dance. I also do cardio sometimes, love to run, swim and dance. xo

Kirbynessness says:

Could you do a video on tips to help to get into Lotus position please?

myroomstudios says:

it look so easy looking at you… you body seems made of rubber, mine is made of wood :P i need moooooooooooooore stretching!

papaburger says:

she has nice legs.

MrDan8891 says:

do flat splits :)

disabella21 says:

would you mind linking the videos where you teach the basic splits?

TrueG02136 says:

Dashama, looking good babe. You do private yoga classes?

jacobtong says:


TheWizardofGardening says:

Damn your amazing.

chelojelo says:

Do you do anything besides Yoga, like weight training? You look muscular and I’d like to know if Yoga is totally responsible for that! If so, I’m going to start doing it more regularly.

PartynPink18 says:

you need to work your hip flexors

Gary Girolami says:

wow great splits hun.can you do a nauli standing up.hope you reply to my comment because i never gotten a reply back from you yet.

loader159 says:

Sorry to say this but is HUGE!!!

Mrgazza55555 says:

Thumbs up if you’d tap Dashama! :)

Mike Yubby says:

Cool I try it out with my girlfriend if you know what I mean we understand each other huh HAHAHAHAHAH

racingracing says:

Yummy! ☼♥☼

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