Meditation for Beginners

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5avg.rating 16 votes. join the yoga challenge yoga meditation and conscious awareness. watch this and meditate along with me on the beach! namaste Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most preferred forms of Yoga. If you’re looking for a good Yoga workout for your mind, body and spirit, I suggest you give Vinyasa Yoga a try. http

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Diana Boughner says:

Thank you for sharing. <3

iworkforme says:

20 min twice per day, give or take. search for “mindfullness in plain english” should find it free online. it’s simply excellent.

silent007ism says:

why cant i concentrate =,(

kozwolf12 says:

You’re so pretty

perchequi says:

just second it, not trying to enhance it, but give your body the chance to release what it wants to. The very fact you are relaxating means that boundaries are being switched off. The very boundaries which prevent your spirit to be free. And your body is one thing with your spirit, and records the spirits need too. Just express yourself, allow yourself to be. who cares if you move, when you are in your privacy and no one sees you? If you are fearing other people’s judgement, that is. Namaste

MsNessalopez says:

This was a great video. If anyone is interested, I am looking for friends to help test a new set of meditation exercises online. Please message me if you’d be willing to help out and I will send you the private link. Thanks!

occbeachbumm says:

I have been trying to find out who’s photo that is the video at 4:07. The boy meditating with the wings behind him. Does anyone know who took the photo or what artist the photo is from???

TUA63054 says:

haha theres just some guy walking around in the background

Julijaa96 says:

why do it need to do before eating?

DusmaEduardo says:

where is the 240p for mens? 

Gamal Alexander says:

This woman is gorgeous. That is all.

Bill Paci says:

Part Two: But I also understand the problem when trying to use language to communicate this. Like the Zen guys say, the difficulty in trying to explain the Truth, the oneness of all things, etc. (to another person), is like “Trying to point to your fingertip.” I also think of it like this: The Truth (Universe), existed before language was ever invented, so there’s no way language can catch up to the truth. The Truth is always ahead. Once we realize this, we “become it” (This Is IT)

Bill Paci says:

Dashama, It seems pretty clear to me that you might “know” the Ultimate when you talk about understanding beyond the duality of good-and-evil; I think, then, that you are also aware of the duality — the illusion that most of us perceive — that Self is separated from Not-Self (or “I” from “Other”). When you said (at the 48-second mark on the video), “. . the duality concept that separates us from the divine source,” (which we are, but may not be aware of). (continued) . . .

George Gallows says:

your beautiful . i want to be your slave and answer every demand .

tootiemcfruity says:

“Please anyone help. I have an worry prob. When I dont meditate it takes 40 minutes to get to sleep. I love meditatio it is amazing and I sleep fast , but ONLY when I medittate I get horrible nightmares. Pleae any1 help why is this? Wat can I do??

popojose09 says:

Please can someone try to explain me why body movements while meditating ? i just started meditation because i suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attack disorder suddenly after i get into deep relaxation my body starts moving the movement becomes very strong and I`m afraid of being posseded by something , or something bad can happen. is a very weird experience I have never felt this before .

Shahran Firdaouz says:

my gosh you are so beautiful and I feel so at ease just looking at u… =)

ItsYourLoveME says:

I never realized untill now, but I do this alot. As in 4 times a day kind of thing.

tomato010010 says:

why do this before eating?

vmusic70 says:

This is a great video.

DrillOne1 says:

all yoga meditation with you! and i sayed with you is so easy!!!! ty very much!

CiinixD says:

what is the name of the melody at the end? :)

SidneyXda says:

your so beautiful :)

ZelenaKofolka says:

omg, thank you so much, btw: you have beautiful hair :) aww i envy :D

Courtney Sunborn says:

i am using some of your videos for my homeschooling. thank you!!! blessings~ namaste

dashama says:

Magic hour is the hour before sunset (dusk) and as the sun is rising (dawn). Both of these are considered magic hour and the most perfect time to meditate.

implorapace says:

Wenn is magic hour?

DayDayRandom says:

when i look at you i become relaxed you look like a angel

implorapace says:

Thank you Dashama for this beautiful video! You are so beautiful and look angelic! I love the calmness that you have. You are very inspiering to me! Thank you for the 30 day yoga challenge! Namasté

4seenJourney says:

be liberated from thoughts
integrate yoga with meditation and you will be bliss.

thanks for the video

yogafan6500 says:

My dearest Dashama, Thanks for the inspiring video i know that i’ll do well in my next free community yoga class session. Namaste. Y : ) x

dashama says:

try 5 minutes just before bed, at lunch time before you eat or right when you wake up. always before you eat.

chopchewey says:

Five or ten minutes as often as I can. It sounds short but will make a big difference.

scrurge says:

fabulous background music…very tranquil..namaste

Lotus8620 says:

Hi! About 10 minutes…I don’t know if it’s right or not, but I can’t do that more, my thoughts flow and flow and It’s hard for me to stop them. But I think it’s clear that I don’t count minutes :-)
Have a nice day

MickeyMai82 says:

tank you sooooooooooooo much for this video, this ios the real reason why im into yoga. free my mind …

DawnSwann says:

I have a question for everyone… how often do you meditate/ And for how long? For busy people, how do you fit it in? Thank you. Namaste.

Lotus8620 says:

You’re right, at the biginning is so hard to be focusesd but now, is alredy the thought about what i’m going to do that makes me feel relaxed :) I’m at the beginning but I love it! Thank you

gerry2345 says:

Great vid…I love the pictures near the end. Don’t forget to breath through the nostrils out through the mouth….

johnarmguam says:

We love you. Your work helps us all in our daily practice.

vanni9283 says:

We were focusing on Samadhi tonight in our yoga class!!!!

InbetweenTheReality says:

I love watching your videos.. always so relaxesd, focused and tranquil..
As someone who is trying to change my lifestyle by including yoga and daily meditation to my everyday life, your vids are very inspiring.. keep it up

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