Namaste Yoga 93 The Five Vayus Prana Vayu with Dr. Melissa West

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4avg.rating 24 votes. This week we begin a new 5 part series to focus on the management of prana – vital life force energy that animates all levels of our being. Through these classes we will become more attentive towards the energy flowing through our bodies and learn how to enhance and direct their flow. We will begin with prana vayu which has to do with the inward and upward movement of energy from our heart center up into our chest, neck and head. Prana vayu has to do with the reception of all things from food, breath, thoughts to our senses; anything coming into our body. Join us as we follow energetic flow inwards and upwards for an INSPIRING practice.

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Melissa West says:

Dear Emily
That is so true about it being difficult to hear God when we feel anxious. I’m so glad this class was able to open you up to the channels that connected you with your Higher Power and having FAITH! :) Yay! How powerful :) I wish you much success with your next “move” in life. A lot of us are being called to make changes in our lives right now! Thank you for your yoga. Namaste, Melissa

Emily Khazaee says:

Thanks for this class. I needed it this morning. I woke up feeling anxious about making a decision about my next “move” in life. When I get in that space it is hard to hear God. So this practice helped slow me down and work on opening up the channels that will connect me with that Higher Power and having FAITH. Namaste Melissa.

Melissa West says:

You are welcome Alison :) This class IS very energizing! I’m so glad that you will be able to “take in” whatever your day offers you. Let me know how it goes with the rest of the series. Thank you for your yoga. Namaste, Melissa

Alison Brancone says:

Thanks so much for this class, Melissa! i feel energiized and ready to “take in” whatever the day has to offer me. I especially liked the flows at the beginning (cat/cow, cat/cow with hands to the side, etc.). I plan to continue with the other 4 ivdeos in the Vayus playlist.

ellenfworth says:

A suffering soul who complains about laughter needs to do more yoga! (LOL!) –Barbara L.

Melissa West says:

And I know I always say this, but I do appreciate your comments so much Barbara! :) You always have something unique to say about what you appreciate about the video and I appreciate that very much. I’ve only ever had one complaint about the laughter in my videos … so I think I’ll keep it going! :) It’s so nice to film outside in the summer. Thanks for leaving your comments Barbara Namaste, Melissa

ellenfworth says:

I know I say this every class–but this was fabulous! I loved the material and the structure of the class. I always learn something new (even after 32 years of practicing yoga) and I always laugh at some point–you can’t ask more of a day than that! The soothing sound of the waves, the flowers waving in the breeze, and the visiting flock of geese floating serenely by added to the wonderful experience! Namaste–Barbara L.

Melissa West says:

Yay! You found your yoga mojo! That’s awesome Sarah! :) Thanks for commenting and letting me know :) Thank you for your yoga and your teaching! Namaste, Melissa

sarahcoulson1 says:

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for a great class. I’ve lost my “Yo-go”… my yoga mojo! But this class really helped to bring the heart back into my yoga teaching, and into my life. Thank you so much.

Sarah Coulson

Melissa West says:

I’m so glad you enjoyed the class. Please be sure to check out our FB page yournamasteyoga and sign up for my morning and evening sequence (free) on my web page melissawestDOTcom

perlitablanca says:

Thank you so much I really like this class and what you shared ..there is no doubt yoga is very helpful for our health and not everyone can afford to go to a class. I am very grateful.

Melissa West says:

Thank you my friend from Sweden. :)

MrArchibald7 says:

Thank you,Melissa! You help me a lot! Wish you luck and peace and many more new videos! your friend from Sweden

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