Shilpa`s Yoga (English) – Setu Bandhasana The Bridge Pose

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Bring Your Hands Up In Front Of You. Now Take Them Out To The Sides So That They Are Perpendicular To The Body And Parallel To The Ground. Slowly Force Your Arms Back Behind You Almost As If Youre Attempting To Make You Fully Stretched Arms Meet Behind Your Back. Go As Far As Is Marginally Uncomfortable. Release By Bringing The Arms Back Level To The Shoulders Then In Front Of You And Then Back To Your Sides.Regardless Of What We Do Whatever Exercise Programme Were Following However Careful We Are The Neck And The Shoulders Always Get Ignored. And Bear The Brunt Of All The Stress We May Accrue. Yoga Is One Of The Very Few Exercise Programmes That Devotes So Much Time And Such Specific Focus To The Neck The Shoulders And The Upper Arms. Youre Not Just Going To Look Better Youre Going To Feel A Lot

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tamilgaja says:

hey man why dont you pose these hot videos in HD quality?

YogaForWeightLossHQ says:

great video – really looking forward to what youll do next

phubans says:

She is perfect.

bhaktascockupnithysa says:

This is good for Muladhara Chakra

dormas says:

instead of doing yoga, man fall in doing sth else watching her hot figure

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