Sweat for Humanity – Light Practice

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Adi leads this quick, uplifting Ashtanga flow designed to produce a purifying heat. Yoga can awaken the fruits of life, which can then be offered up for the greater good of humanity. This is a shortened practice. For the full, comprehensive one hour class please go to yogatoday.com!

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loverswaltz88 says:

we used to call this “Sun Salutation” :)

swedensy says:

I found se.x movie where all begins doing yoga. That was real heat.

jmichealhack says:

I LOVE this routine. It’s perfect in duration and pace for increasing the heart and breathing rate in order to energize boost one’s energy in the beginning of the day, or whenever one needs an energy boost.

Thanks so much for constructing and performing it!

workwillfreeyou says:

Thanks, Both so beautiful.

da1sinister1 says:

wish i can do yoga in that location

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