The Pursuit: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga (Director’s Cut)

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Her Mission: Find Yoga, uncover the code, make the switch. But with the opposition in hot pursuit, her skills and Yoga’s dynamic moves will be put to the test. Learn more: Directed by Martin Campbell. Original score: Aeph.

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bjohnson55555 says:

This is probably most effort any OEM put into promoting a single-model Windows PC.

aesteban says:

yeah, the Lenovo YOGA is waterproof. :-P

YouAreThick says:


BensoftMedia says:

Stupid question but does the keyboard disable when you flip the screen around?

haandkantslag says:

Bahhh, mission schmission.

nathanrs10 says:

One laptop per shipping container? That is a very inefficient way to ship them. I assume the consumer will have to pay extra.

Curtis Joe says:

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego!?

Chester Gorski says:

… She is a spy… besides she planted the jet ski there as part of her mission…

GameTerminal says:

yup.  :p

GameTerminal says:

that was freaking sweet.

Brebenel Silviu says:

Agent 008 : MetroFall

Jed Hubic says:

Wow! Good job Lenovo!!! I’m always telling the other developers at work that you guys make the best stuff and I even convinced my brother in law to roll Lenovo over a MacBook. This ad just makes your guys’ stuff even better. Thanks for making me broke in 2013.

haandkantslag says:

Wauv this sooo incredibly lame! Stoopid ad. No reason for her to jump around on the containers like that and the welder dood didnt even see her as she was running right past. Also… there just happened to be jetski.. Totally random. Shitty filming and shitty editing on top of a lame storyline at best. Dammit Lenovo, you can do better than this.

masbarca1 says:

really amazing video i enjoyed with it because of this i will buy one ..thx man ..but more hahahahahahahah

SaintzSean says:

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So, this is the mission impossible Tablet

Samson Eric says:

That’s Windows 008.

Akhmad Al Bukhari says:

wow, this is really cool

lllSCOOPlll says:

Just get a Surface & dance with your magnet keyboard, you wouldn’t be chased around all the time :)

winuacc says:

so far its my favorite ad for windows 8

SmartFetus says:

shut up and don’t take my money ;p

winuacc says:

Amazing ad i love it

pleowulf says:

Oh my God!! It’s a brunete Black Widow … It’s .. Brown Tarantulla!!!

Nazmus Shakib Khandaker says:

The 2 dislikes are from the guy chasing the woman. :D

Alex Peacock says:

My monies; Take them!

an0nym0us0nez says:

Only the best criminals use Google Maps. Very nice video though, well thought out.

ang3lmann says:

Fantastic promo film!

LenovoVision says:

Ha! Don’t junk it, Jam! Many thanks for the compliment tho–I think it was the rapper KRS-One who first used the word “Edutainment” — we were def hoping to entertain people here while also educating them about Yoga’s four modes. Regards.

Jam Paguntalan says:

UUUUUUUUUH. AMAZING VIDEO. it really makes me want to junk my relatively new computer

Marius Rye says:

for the first time i want a lenovo

marksummerscasting says:

Staring Lizzie Huang

marksummerscasting says:

Director Martin Campbell Casting Director Mark Summers Casting

angelisone says:

Taken with ATG Canon EOS-1D C or ATG Red?

Wow, Zesix doing all the stunts!

Fai Lee says:

Superb marketing film. Pacy, well focused on the product, and timely – with Skyfall (Bond 23) just around the corner.

xraptor103 says:

that was awsome…..!

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