True Yoga – Naomi Clark – 26 Postures of Bikram

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Naomi Demonstrates the 26 Bikram Postures. iPhone App coming soon.

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jeffrey1296 says:

All-in-one yoga in the appstore has all of these poses! Thanks for this video <3

skyislandaz says:

Hssss. (flickers tongue into wind and records memory deep into limbic system of reptilian brain)

Ricardo Ruiz Ortega says:

Start breathing a few times on each pose, 3 to 5 times.

1G3001 says:

This is a good overview. No doubt about it – if I could do this I’d be in a lot better shape. New York Times thing worries me though?

jay edwards says:

10 seconds or a few cycles of breath

a0920899658 says:


TheDustbinofHistory says:

Great form, energizing series. Spurcross needs to get his mind out of his pants. Over 7 billion people on the planet. Nearly 50 % are female and 50 % male. The anatomy is the same for those of each sex. Yoga is not just for allowing body to be flexible and strong, it is for the mind and especially for mindfulness. That means one learns when and how thoughts come into the mind. For a person with a mind trapped at the level of a reptile, the mind is somewhat limited, right Spurcross?

spurcross says:

Notice her perfectly symmetrical form in the ‘toe of the camel’.

peterhotglobe says:

absolutely! I often practice at home without the heat!

Camila Perez says:

for how long do i hold each pose?

Jan Olaf Risnes says:

Hey I do Bikram in room temp now for a month, work fine, be careful

Myles Houck says:

Could you still gain the benefits of Bikram yoga without being in a hot room?

mominaustin says:

Thank you–this is exactly what I was looking for to help me learn the Bikram poses.

Mick Malkemus says:

Savasana is my favorite pose. :)

Of course, for those not familiar with this yoga, it takes 90 minutes to complete the sequence, with 2 minutes of savasana in the middle. Each pose must be done twice.

TheScottrocks9 says:

This is the best video for me. The instructor shows the poses without being a poser and is gracious and humble.

safi456 says:

how long to hold a pose?

365toawesome says:

I love this sequence I watch it every week so that I can be inspired to learn it by heart too. In fact I write about the experience on my blog 365toawesome Thank you for such a great video.

parv d says:

So nice to be able to study the 26 postures.

jmspooner says:

love it (especially the giggling!)

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