Yoga Class 1 – Your Relationship to Your Body with Dr. Melissa West – Full Free Class

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Download for free here: A free weekly yoga show designed for real people doing real yoga. Come and join Dr Melissa West every week for a unique yoga experience. In the first episode of Namaste Yoga we explore the theme of our relationship to our own bodies. Namaste Yoga 1- From This practice asks you, “What kind of relationship do you have with your body? What does your body have to say?” The idea is that if your body is one of the greatest sources of wisdom available to you, what kind of relationship to you have with your body? Are you even listening to it?. The first episode of Namaste Yoga offers a fun and playful practice featuring poses such as dead bug, happy baby, and breath of joy. This uplifting class is designed to allow us to take a light- hearted and compassionate look at our relationship to our bodies. The copyrighted theme in this program is based on the work of Michael Lee in the book, Turn Stress into Bliss and is used with his permission. Melissa West is a yoga and pilates instructor who helps people to surrender to peace in their lives by connecting to the vital energy within their body through breath, cultivating optimal functional movement by harnessing the power of gravity and increase overall mobility by creating more suppleness in the spine. Melissa West specializes in teaching yoga and pilates to adults aspiring to decrease stress in their lives, rehabilitate from motor

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TheSasham010 says:

I have been looking for a while to find online yoga videos, and I am grateful to have finally stumbled upon yours. I love that you actually incorporate teachings not just poses. Thank you so much for these videos.

lailafromitaly says:

absolutely great, i finally found what I was looking for…I’ll keep exercising with you.
best wishes

MayLesh says:

A nice and relaxing low impact class. My back thanks you!

TheBl4u says:

So wonderful. Thank you. Blessings

Wawixi says:

How often should I take one of this classes? Just once a week? It’s amazing really! :) 

kesh nah says:

i feel really nice………i’ve been looking for some yoga exercises with all that stressing with exams…….finally came upon the best one.thx u so much.

orion2094 says:

the download link on your website for this class does not work properly

Diabhail13 says:

I’ve never done yoga in my life, and after this, I feel ….. WOW! :)
I am going to continue this :) I love it <3 <3 <3
Thank you for sharing :)

raizelalbano says:

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed doing it :)

11110JFK says:

don’t appreciate forced to watch a commercial, delete me from your address

anamariaolejnik says:

Thank you Yoga Yak, I love all your videos…

IandiieKz says:

now im your fan now xD thank you to upload these videos!! i´ll do them all of them, keep uploading please!! yoga is awesome!!

karolunatik says:


Kerry Lewandowski says:

2/4/12 – Beautiful, releasing. Gentle and encouraging

glamourbombtv says:

It’s been 7 years since I have been active in yoga. At that time I was just attending Level 2 classes at least 3 times a week. However the death of a parent, the death of a friend and the loss of a job spun me out and I gave up my practice. I am now overweight and out of shape so I wanted a class that would be gentle. This video was absolutely perfect for my goals. It was wonderful to get reacquainted with my body with the loving support of Melissa. Thank you so very much. Namaste.

channel4203 says:

This. Was. Wonderful.
I literally went from aggressive and pissed off to calm. I’m not saying that I wont be mad later, it’s just this is so nice right now. I feel so nice.

MrGuylaugher says:

Loved it. Very lovely.

rainybritania097 says:

I am only 15, and we do yoga for pe, and today I am having such a bad day, however after finishing this lesson i feel stess free, I feel more relaxed and aware of my body, as well as having a clear mind to make responsible choices.
Thank you, I have subscribed and will doing all your lessons.

Sassy4mylife says:

Yoga is in the center of my vision board.I haven’t practice in two months,but resolved 2 do doTODAY! I Work out 5x’s a week cardio&resistance.I need Yoga, but have found reasons 2 skip it. I woke up this morning and lo and behold twisted the wrong way and tweeked my back. A reason not to do Yoga 2day. I walked up stairs with tears&pain!Found Yoga class #92,Dr. West reading an email about someone starting from class one. I decided I would try w/hurt back &all. Just finished! LOVED IT! THANK YOU!

clubheadxtasy2 says:

this is fucking awesome!! thank thank you i just saved so much money

aless33 says:

THIS was BEAUTIFUL, thank you so much

Hosgeldiniz2007 says:

This session is amazing! I was diagnosed with sacroiliitis about one year ago, and have struggled to find the right stretches for my spine. For the past year, I’ve had stiffness when I get up from a chair and have been hunched over like a comma getting out of bed. This is THE best spine and body stretch I’ve found. Thank you, thank you!

Leanne effu says:

My back felt so stretched by the end, thank you for that. I will be back for more classes no doubt :)

yogayak says:

Happy to be of service! I’ve just added download links for this class, I hope that this helps you even more. love ~michel

Tori M says:

Lovely, I feel refreshed and beautiful.

soniely123 says:

Thank you for changing my life!!!! Your videos are amazing!!!

yogafan6500 says:

Impressive yoga lession video Melissa,Thanks Namaste. Y  : )

Luiz Claudio Guzella says:

Amazing!!! Excellent!! Namaste!!!!

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