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5avg.rating 14 votes. When you are not able to do your yoga on the floor, this is what you need. This is yoga for Seniors. Please subscribe to my channel here Go to my channels: Follow me on Facebook : Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Pinterest: Look me up on Google+ :

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Andy Morris says:

thank you, my second day doing this routine, I could already tell I was a bit freer than yesterday, but I’m still very stiff. I guess I’ll limber up over time.

Do you recommend doing this routine everyday, or every other day?

Gerri Unitt says:

I am going to start this starting in Janurary and add it to my morning walk all most 2 miles.

KittySneakers1120 says:

Thank you for making this video. I am only 53, but have never been flexible. Can’t even touch my toes! I am going to start doing your videos every morning and hope to make slow buy steady progress. I really like this video. Thanks again!

majestyofpersia says:

My yoga career had began with you Ester. Now I’m trying to get my mother to do yoga with me. This is a great video for joints, thank you so much for showing us these poses.

Emma A. Bustos says:

Great vid for me!

AssistedLivingD says:

wonderfully simple, yet well done video. Nice, clear with good audio. I appreciate that many of the exercises can be done if you happen to be in a wheelchair, as a number of seniors are. Well done!

adnilshah says:


hllaye says:


alice88trike says:

Your videos are awesome…

delanoman22 says:

You are a nature beauty.

PranayamaRunning says:

nice video, easy to do exercises for elders

elgolisa says:

Hi Esther, If you had a TV show, I would watch you every day. 

abluepelican says:

I like this video. I’ve been doing a chair yoga class at a senior residence for almost 2 years now. I like your information. Too bad you’ve been criticized by some for thinking they MUST do what your showing on the video, that your doing things they are too OLD to do. Hogwash I say. I will use some of what you have shown. My people love it when I bring new moves to the class.

sailtothemoon123 says:

Thank you Ester. I will show this to my Mom who is 74 years old.

She is still mobile but is feeling her age. I would like for her to start. Better late than never.
And as she enters her 80′s I believe she will be more comfortable.


meghan gaustad says:

Some of these stretches are great, others would be unattainable for my group.  One suggestion I would make is to slow down the explanations and execution of the stretches. When some people are in their late 80s and 90s it takes longer to process directions. This is definitely a more appropriate video than some I have seen and you have a very soothing manner about your instruction! Thank you

Mokshusha says:

Thank you very much for this demonstration! Will use it in my practice. 

carlosracettenms says:

Last chance for you ****

1984IcameandIstayed says:

Will borrow your ideas tomorrow for my class.

ArkansasGillum says:

really great

crbr91 says:

great vid. thx.

Allen Olson says:

Thanks for the info. I am going to try and learn this one by heart and incorporate it into my daily routine.

LaVonne Ellis says:

Thanks so much, Esther. I have fibromyalgia and wake up very stiff. Regular yoga is too much and doesn’t help, but this little routine has already helped this morning.

cucumberzr4chumpz says:

cant wait 2 b watching this in 75 years :D

Bronagh Burns says:


Charlie Seed says:


mpgalindo says:

This routine makes also a good break for those who spend long hours sitting in front of a computer. Thanks Esther!

yogatic says:

Great idea !

rorkimaru says:

Good Vid. Here’s one I don’t think you have done (correct me if I’m wrong) but how about yoga for traffic jams.

Many people are commuters and spend over an hour sitting in their car on the way to and from work. Much of this time is in the slow stopping and starting at junctions. Some relaxing yoga to help prevent stiffening up could be a good idea

kaylerina says:

great video thank you so much

yogafan6500 says:

Brilliant. Thanks Esther with all my love, Y : )

werty02 says:

thanks!! ;)

1karatemonkey says:

i love it!

nixichixi85 says:

great! =)

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