Yoga for upper body strength

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4avg.rating 28 votes. Francesca shows us how to get into arm pressure pose buja pidasana Please subscribe to my channel here: Go to my channels: Follow me on Facebook : Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Pinterest: Look me up on Google+ :

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BeautifulHealth says:

It’s like a modern, hobbit-style yoga studio-cave!

rebeccakerner9867 says:

O,g same hee

mozzarellablue says:

I can do this! Except every now and then, I lose my balance, and fall onto my bum. Haha! Does that say I’m doing it wrong?

WhiteDragonKnight77 says:

Thank you :)

TheMuslimgirl2010 says:

wow, actually managed to do this! although felt like i was going to break lol

Sarune Rupainyte says:

Thank you, this pose is very lovely to do :) . Is there anything I can do to make it less painfull on my wrists? Thank you :)

Nyaatyou says:

Could you do a video on back flexibilty? Thank you :)

Deposetheboyking says:

How you all continue talking while demonstrating these poses amazes me. I need all my focus to even try it!

yaymeIamanut says:

will this help with handstand? i can bring my feet together but i have a bit of difficulty crossing the ankles

Vishal S says:

I think the hair looks beautiful. Wonderful demonstration :o )

mimzywhimzy says:

what a perfectly fantastic pose!! saw this vid and had to go right away and try it. Thank you so much, a fun new pose to concentrate on!!!

raleighgranprix says:

These are some of the best videos on youtube.

greshicjoti2 says:

I have the same problem.. :(

Deposetheboyking says:

Why do I feel this all in my core? Am I doing something wrong or just need more strength there before I try this? I can usually do crow or side crow pretty easily, but this one escapes me!

Floricricicuci says:

francescaa nome italianooo

CarinDolly says:

i can’t do it when it comes to lifting my feet up =(
any suggestions?

imprezanic0le says:

I love this one, even though i dont really do Yoga, I love to see this.. =)

alchlng says:

he/she is being sarcastic lol

alchlng says:


Francesca Giusti says:

@shapeurmind: That’s right, the whole body gets toned up with yoga, but every body shape is different, so we all tone up differently.

AHA983 says:

you’ve noticed her hair, but not her face?

AHA983 says:


yogatic says:

You do need some upper body strenth, but your core is involved a lot as well! So try it, you might be surprised..

Francesca Giusti says:

@yogatic: thanks Eshter, there are so many things to play around with in all the poses, aren’t there?

shapeurmind says:

I love this. Your arms look soooo good! Not bulky at all, but so nicely toned. Can yoga tone up the whole body that way?

Junichild says:

I think a more appropriate title would be Yoga With Upper Body Strength.

yogatic says:

I needed a change! ;)

mlbm13 says:

so do you need alot of upper arm strength to do this posE?
because my arms are weaker then my legs and core.. :/

TheSweetPerry says:

Oh boy! I don t know if I can do this, but I am gonna try.

mynameis677 says:

I remember doing this when I was a kid.

guydecervens says:

I’ve already thought of 12 different applications for this in my head.

capcom101you says:

very nice video, thanks ;)

tulipsun21 says:


tkherbi9a says:

Nice! Thank you

yogatic says:

Love this one Fran! You’ve reminded me to play around with it in my practice a bit more :) x

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