Yoga Sunset Chill Volume II – Sample – Yoga Music & Chill-out – BMP-Music

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5avg.rating 15 votes. – Music for Yoga & Chill-out, mp3-downloads on , http , . This album will be soon available on more than 360 different musicstores. This energizing music is perfect for Power-Yoga, Chill-out, Inspiration, Relaxation & Meditation. Music & Production by Anke Moehlmann – BMP-Music

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dennisk171 says:

shes hot… would like to have sex with her after she did her relaxing stuff

BodyMindPower says:

Thanks a lot :-) Love, Anke

Uday Raj says:

amazing ……. no words to explain

Roby Roberto says:


BodyMindPower says:

Thanks for your nice comment :-) Love, Anke

keepsparklin says:

So relaxing. So glad i found this

kellypowney says:


Gulnar Aliyeva says:

I loveee you yogaa,you ar my lifee

abbyxxoo says:

Google Youtube to MP3

MrZanHD says:


JamesWorldStudios says:

To be a true yoga girl you have to wear bikini, or naked… Naked is recommended, but bikini works, because it says that in the yoga books that it brings a better feel.

gloriapalaceth says:

nice video !!!!

91900ovi says:

the music is nice..

ferry7777 says:

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MsNessalopez says:

This was a great video. If anyone is interested, I am looking for friends to help test a new set of meditation exercises online. Please message me if you’d be willing to help out and I will send you the private link. Thanks!

jubyvera662 says:

yoga in the mornings r so xool.

jubyvera662 says:


kackfrosch236 says:

love it but ad sucks

Sushil Dhar says:


sioulita says:

exei paei 4 kai den me pairnei o upnos me tipota .. as elpisoume na voithisei auto ,,

BodyMindPower says:

Thanks for your nice comment. I appreciate it very much. Best wishes & Love, Anke

LillysPadMusic says:

Simply amazing. Once I get a credit card I’m purchasing this off iTunes.

rhubarbcheese says:

what about the naked yogis in india? :) 

Duai31 says:

this is breautifull

వేంకట నాగాంజనేయ పురుషోత్తమ రావు says:

Yoga is the activity through which we can get peace and it has to be serve with purity.
Sun is said to be as visible god of course I believe.
Salutation to the Sun of God through Yoga has to be served with purity of the heart.
Of course the music is good but whomever watching this should not lose their concentration and should get into the intense deep meditation.
So the final words, The costumes that used for this kind (Salutation to the Sun) of activity are not suitable.
–Purushothama Rao

Amanda Shuli says:

wowww amazingg

TwinTrianglesf says:

It’s so beatiful!
Thank you.

Aschebox says:

unbelievable sound :)

watch this if u r stoned or visit my channel with a chillout beat!

BodyMindPower says:

Thanks so much for your nice comment :-D Love, Anke

Lonny Ca says:

never knew yoga could be so hot.

Music is great as well..

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