Yoga Therapy : Yoga Exercises for Prostate

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Certain yoga exercises involving the standing pelvic tilt and Downward Dog work the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase blood flow to the prostate. Help assure a healthy prostate by learning the exercises in this free video on yoga therapy. Expert: Carol Ann Contact: Bio: Carol Ann has more than 19 years of professional fitness training experience and holds a Master’s Degree in exercise science and health promotion. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Did you know that yoga therapy can help with conditions ranging from infertility and asthma to high blood pressure and bunions? Improve your health and quality of life with the yoga exercises demonstrated in this free video series.

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donniehitler says:

go in to the light carolann

GeileMickey says:

very pretty lady and thank you for these exercises

pillsbury1thegamer says:

dude thats weird

lawrencepulcini18 says:

Cute feet and toes I wanna smell them

kristijan1985 says:

thanks for the exercises! but how long we should do these and how many times a day?

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