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This yoga exercise will be help to lose weight and reduce belly fat easily if practiced on regular basis.

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willreckya says:

that indian chick is smokin’ hot

kaira gail bayot says:

ahhmmm tahnk you :) for the video.. can i just ask if you have yoga to thin the calves heheheh thanks.. coz i am 17years old and that is my problem :P .. thank you hahaha just asking :)

Jedd Arnold says:

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samirajen1 says:

very informative many times should be done each day for best result thanx

Raghu Chakravarthy says:

good 1 thnks…

chrysa090209 says:

two thumbs up!

kmufti89 says:

Yes you have to be shaved before coming online on TV

Doityourselfgal says:

I find the people very calming to begin with, a soothing way.
It was a nice strech and if this one thing I can add to help with belly fat I can do this. Thanks all the way from Minnesoata David (I dont know how to spell your name).

MrAyaan123456789 says:

shaved armpits

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